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Technical Tips to Influence your Online Presence

About bytesize

Fitting new knowledge into our overstuffed business brains during the working day is always a challenge; but we have to do it!

What if you could learn information that will really make a difference in bite-size pieces?

Introducing bytesize!

Yes, the spelling is correct; a byte is a unit of digital information that most commonly consists of eight bits. These workshops cover technical information about your website and marketing that will make a difference to your businesses visibility.

Somerset Web Services and White Knight Marketing have worked in collaboration to introduce this new initiative.

Our Workshops

This is what the various workshops will cover:



Website Maintenance

Website Monitoring

Analytics and Search


Social Marketing

Marketing Channels

Who are we?

This package has been put together because people like you have told us you need it! It has originated from YOUR need.

We are developers and marketing specialists who have combined skills to give you the perfect combination for a successful website – one that works hard for you!

White Knight Marketing
Somerset Web Services

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